Dalby patients will be able to board the RACQ-sponsored Heart of Australia road-train, where specialists conduct life-saving cardiac and endocrine testing.

The “Heart Bus” is parked alongside RACQ’s Mobile Member Centre, where members of the public are able to access vehicle health checks.

RACQ Head of Community and Education David Contarini said it was important these valuable services reach all Queenslanders, not just those in major cities.

“We’re proud of the fact we can help Dalby residents et their heart health tested, while also getting the health of their car engines checked,” Mr Contarini said.

“Vehicle inspections are on offer for everyone, free of charge, regardless of whether they’re an RACQ member or not.”

Heart of Australia Founder Dr Rolf Gomes said it was vital Queenslanders had access to critical specialist medical services regardless of where they lived.

“Previous data shows people in regional areas are 44 percent more likely to die from a heart attack than city dwellers,” Dr Gomes said.

“We urge anyone who hasn’t had regular check-ups or has any concerns to visit their local GP for a referral and then book in an appointment with specialists on board the Heart of Australia bus.”

The vehicles are parked in Jimbour St, Dalby from Thursday 8 March 9am – 4pm and Friday 9 March 9am – 12pm.